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3rd EcoStack Annual Meeting 2021

The 3rd Annual Meeting & General Assembly of EcoStack, which took place on 28th and 29th September 2021, was held online for a second consecutive year. It was a highly productive meeting and provided consortium members and stakeholders with an opportunity to critically discuss results obtained to date. Importantly, it also provided an ideal opportunity for participants to give valuable feedback on our achievements so as to effectively guide further research and dissemination.
Additionally the management board had the opportunity to present their work of the last 6 months and define actions for the next year and beyond.
We all enjoyed this virtual meeting but very much look forward to meet in person next year in Krakow!

3rd EcoStack Annual Meeting 20212021-10-01T14:20:09+00:00

EcoStack workshop on Bioprotection: Present and Future

A workshop entitled “Bioprotection: Present and Future” will be held online, on November 23-24, 2021 as part of the dissemination activities of the Horizon 2020 RIA “EcoStack”.


On 23rd November 2021 we are organising a workshop on microbial biological control agents in agricultural crops. We will discuss opportunities and challenges in the development of new microbiological tools to protect crops from pests and diseases – products on the market today and products for the future. The workshop targets farmers, advisors, authorities, companies and researchers with interest in microbial biocontrol. Together with speakers from Koppert, Bayer and the EcoStack consortium, we discuss challenges and possibilities of microbial biocontrol products.

On 24th November 2021 the workshop will focus on the identification and sustainable exploitation of bioactive molecules/genes from biological control agents, both as novel biopesticides and to enhance the impact of currently used BCAs. The workshop targets scientists, industry, advisors, and authority representatives, with interest in the development of novel molecules for crop protection, with a focus on RNAi- and fusion protein-based technologies. Together with invited speakers from Syngenta, Greenlight Biosciences, national agencies, academia and the EcoStack consortium, the workshop discusses challenges in the efficacy, safety and regulation of novel ‘biopesticides’, as well as the needs for future research and development.

EcoStack workshop on Bioprotection: Present and Future2021-10-06T09:55:54+00:00

EcoStack workshop on regulatory policies for plant beneficial microorganisms

EcoStack has made an inventory of regulatory systems applicable to plant beneficial microorganisms, and will propose scenarios for their improvement. At this workshop, preliminary scenarios will be discussed with representatives of major stakeholders and regulatory institutions. The EcoStack activities in this area can hopefully lead to more efficient regulatory processes in the future.


EcoStack workshop on regulatory policies for plant beneficial microorganisms2021-09-28T12:19:00+00:00

EcoStack Management Board – March 2021

The 5th Management Board Meeting of EcoStack has been held on March 03-04, 2021, unfortunately once more in a virtual format. However, the meeting was very stimulating and productive, giving the chance to assess the very good results achieved, in spite of the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, which slowed down some of the planned activities. We are half way through, and what done so far looks promising for a successful prosecution of EcoStack.

EcoStack Management Board – March 20212021-03-05T17:39:27+00:00

Post-doc Ecology

Location: SLU – Uppsala
Length of contract and start: Fixed term employment of 24 months from March 2021 or earlier if possible

More info

Post-doc Ecology2020-11-18T11:38:32+00:00

2nd EcoStack Annual Meeting 2020

The 2nd Annual Meeting of the H2020 project EcoStack took place  on September 22 and 23, 2020. This was a unique opportunity for a stimulating two-way interaction among researchers and stakeholders, which is essential for adequate result dissemination.
Additionally the management board and all the beneficiaries had the opportunity to present their work of the last 6 months and define actions for the next year and beyond.

2nd EcoStack Annual Meeting 20202020-09-22T14:47:40+00:00

Share your yield monitor data with us!

The EcoStack project is investigating how landscape features such as hedgerows or wildflowers benefits on-farm biodiversity and crop yield.
We are asking farmers for yield monitor data from GPS-enabled combines. The data will help us to determine how landscape features found just beyond the field affects variation in crop yield, and whether yield decline towards the edge of fields can be reduced by the presence of certain types of field boundaries.



Share your yield monitor data with us!2020-04-01T11:10:49+00:00

EcoStack Management Board – March 2020

The 3rd  Management Board Meeting of EcoStack has been held on March 10-11, 2020, in Uppsala (Sweden),  at SLU. We had 2 intense full days of very productive work, in spite of the fact that part of the members of the Management Board were unable to physically attend due to travel restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many thanks to Hanna Friberg and Velemir Ninkovic for organizing this meeting and to arrange at the very last minute excellent facilities for a smooth web communication!

EcoStack Management Board – March 20202021-03-05T17:34:18+00:00
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